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Student Meal cards

Your Student I.D. card is very valuable to you and should be treated as cash. It identifies you as a holder of a meal plan. Your Student I.D. card must be presented at every meal and for every purchase using your Munch Money to prevent unauthorized persons from using services for which you paid. If any resident allows their Student I.D. to be used by another student, Campus Dining will take disciplinary action through the Office of Student Life.

Lost your Student I.D. Card?

If you lose your Student I.D. card, you're responsible for purchasing a new card. A $75.00 charge will be added to your student account with the college. New Student I.D. cards may be obtained at the Campus Dining main offices in the lower level of Hamilton Commons.

Guests are Welcome

If you wish to treat a guest to a meal, you may pay for them in a variety of ways. You may purchase their meal by utilizing your Munch Money or pay with cash at the door. If you are on either the 160 or 210 Block plans, you are welcome to pay for your guest by using an additional meal from your plan.

Meal prices at the door:

  • Continental Breakfast - $3.40
  • Hot Breakfast - $4.70
  • Lunch - $6.60
  • Dinner - $8.45
  • Brunch - $8.45
  • Special Events - $9.40

Dietary Requirements

We are happy to assist with any dietary needs you may have. If you have specific dietary needs that might require special attention, we will make every attempt to meet your needs. Please visit the General Manager of Campus Dining to review your details and discuss possible options.

A Plan For You!

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2014-2015 academic year. If you need to purchase a meal plan, or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, simply contact Steven Watkins at (989) 463-7313 or by email: steven.watkins@sodexo.com.




19 Meal Plan

This plan allows you to enjoy any 19 meals of your choice per
week, plus $175.00 in Munch Money for the semester.

210 Block Plan


This plan allows you to enjoy 210 meals of your choice, plus $400.00 in Munch Money for the semester.

40 Block Plan (Exclusive to students living in the Opera House Apartments)


This plan is exclusive to students residing in the Opera House Apartments. It allows you to enjoy 40 meals of your choice, plus $400.00 in Munch Money for the semester.

160 Block Plan (Exclusive to Wright Hall and Wright Avenue Apartment Residents)


This plan is exclusive to students residing in Wright Hall. It allows you to enjoy up to 160 meals of your choice, plus $400.00 in Munch Money for the semester.

Staff & Faculty Meal Plan Special! Limited Time Only!



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